Without a doubt, the takedown request story from Jon Udell and Jared Benedict is really worth continued discussion. There are a lot of issues involved that are important to the BlogoPodoSphere, and a lot of well-spoken folks have tossed in their two cents:

  • Jon’s great initial post has disappeared, unfortunately; a voluntary takedown
  • Jared Benedict’s writeup is great, from the POV of one of the principals
  • Dave Slusher nails it, IMO, with This American Life Doesn’t Get It
  • I don’t agree with Nicholas Carr’s take on the situation, but it bears linking to and thinking about

I’ve chatted with Jon via email over it, and it’s obvious that yesterday was a tough day for him. There are points to be made on all sides of the argument, and I believe he struggled to do “the right thing”. While I’m disappointed in PRI and This American Life, I’m (unfortunately) not surprised. It’s so hard for modern corporate media (which NPR/PRI are definitely a part of) to grok the “share it, and good things will come” ethos.

My true disappointment, though, is in the loss of Jon’s post. I think I understand his reasons behind it, but it leaves a hole in the center of the conversation that will inevitably be filled with half-truths, hearsay, and rumor. But hopefully also with thoughtful replies, conversation, and good links to further info.

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