Ah, another day, another outrage^H,^H,^H…er, Net misstep. Jon Udell has received a takedown notice for his custom RSS feed from the webmaster of NPR PRI (note: deliberate lack of link here…they’ve made me cranky). Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot? Sheesh. Newsflash, Mr. Webmaster; Jon is not STEALING YOUR MP3s. He, in fact, is sending you traffic. Increasing your readership. Raising your profile (heh, he’s really raised it now!). He’s posting LINKS, not copies of your files. You know, links…how that InterWebby thing works???

Makes me glad that I stopped listening to basically anything on the radio. (review of my new FM transmitter is way overdue on Nerdware). In the car, I’m 100% podcast now, and loving it. These people LIKE having even the entire MP3 redistributed. How wacky.

I’ll be interested to see how Jon’s situation works out. Hang tough, Jon!

UPDATE: It’s PRI, not NPR that’s the copyright holder; changed above.

MORE UPDATE: Wow. In a further surprising development, Jon Udell has dropped the original post entirely.

YET MORE UPDATE: Heh…my boingboing submission on the topic was accepted. This should be interesting. I also got a long, thoughtful email response from Jon himself…if he’s alright with it, I may post some bits later.

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