Whew! After a bit of trial and tribulation, I’ve managed to get my site back onto the Django main code trunk again. This involved “removing the magic” — the Django dudes checked in a bunch of backwards-incompatible (but mostly really good) code changes to the Django trunk about a month ago, and I’ve been putting off doing the necessary site work needed to “go live” with the new stuff. Because I’m lazy. *grin* Plus, massive migrations scare the bejeezus out of me (I’ve seen enough go awry in my day job), and I HATE the thought of losing my stuff!

But nothing to fear; all is done, and everything appears to be ok now. Couple of tricky issues with some of the less-frequently used functionality (feeds, mostly), but overall I’m very satisified. If you read this site, and you notice any weird issues, please let me know. I’ve tested everything I can think of (RSS feeds, commenting, etc.)…but I may have missed something.

The good news is that now I can get back to site updates. I held off on new functionality, b/c adding new stuff in the old branch would just mean more fixes when I flipped the switch. I’m over that hump now; joy! I’ve got several ideas I want to add.

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