Hmmm…after hearing Cam and Rich rant and rave about this thing for two or three podcasts, I decided to check it out. Very cool! I definitely see uses. I’m yet again dumping data into the Google silo, of course…it’ll be REALLY cool if a GData API for Google Notebook shows up.

Backpack has some similar functionality, and includes an API…but loses out on the “no Firefox extension” front. Hm…I should doublecheck that. I haven’t checked the Backpack blog recently; if they DO have a Firebox/Greasemonkey extension now, that would be cool! The API for Backpack kicks butt…I’ve used it before, and it works like a champ. Python wrapper and everything!

Snap! There’s a Backpack It! Greasemonkey user script…let the contest begin! Who will win the notes o’ Kenzoid…Google or Backpack?

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