Well, I didn’t have high hopes, but I figured I’d give Vongo a try (since I had a 14-day free trial). It’s one of the on-demand movie D/L sites…yada, yada. I figured it’d be a change of pace.

But they committed what is for me a cardinal sin. I can’t even view their website from my Linux box (well, without lying about my browser user agent, anyway); they “detect” the OS, and send you straight to an “Incompatible OS” page if they don’t like it. Note: I can’t even see the homepage; it’s not like it was the client download page or something! Sheesh. No one without Win2000/XP can even view their site…so the hell with them. I knew I’d have to reboot to Windows before installing anything, but I can’t even surf and and check things out. Which is typically a good idea when you’re trying to sell something. So bye, bye, Vongo…

Oh, that’s right; I got new BG 2.0 episodes from Netflix yesterday. That’ll do! Lovely, lovely Netflix! You rock.

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