What can’t AJAX do, eh? I just got back from vacation, and decided to start playing with 30boxes (a calendaring AJAX app) today. Pretty cool stuff; I like it. But then I start catching up on my RSS feeds this evening, and I see this: eyeOS: Web Based Desktop System — and GPL’d, no less! (and AJAX out the wazoo, of course)

Contains basic apps (word proc, calendaring, phone/contacts, etc.), new apps can be installed, and runs on any webserver including PHP 4.3 or better. All you need is a web browser to access a pretty useful desktop. They also host their own server at eyeOS.info, so you can create an account for free there if you don’t have a webserver handy.

Interesting, interesting stuff. In particular, the F/OSS aspect; you can take the code running this things and get your hands dirty with it!

link from Second Life Future Salon

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