It’s that time of year again…even though I’m probably only 10% the fan I used to be, I still find time to head over to and find gems like this: The Most Heated Rivalry in College BasketballThe basketball rivalry between Duke and North Carolina is the fiercest blood feud in college athletics. To legions of otherwise reasonable adults, it is a conflict that surpasses sports; it is locals against outsiders, elitists against populists, even good against evil.

Ahhh…tasty. Of course, that article is written by a Carolina fan, and I’m a Duke alum. But the feeling’s the same; he just has it backwards. *grin* Go to Hell, Carolina, go to Hell!

And this little ungrateful bastard? What a piece of crap: Krzyzewskiville eviction — Duke punishes student trying to sell game admission. That punishment better be slow and painful. He has broken a sacred trust! The free admission to Duke b-ball games and the phenomenon of Krzyzewskiville (the student had been living in line in a tent since Jan 9th…ah, brings back memories!) are priceless!

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