I was booked up this past weekend (geekfest!!) and didn’t get a
chance to go until today. Wow. That was really, really good. I won’t
give away plot for the sake of the throngs of avid kenzoid-fans who
haven’t yet seen it, but it was some of the best movie scifi I’ve
seen. I like different things in my written science fiction…the
written word doesn’t have the limited canvas of TV and film (even
big-budget films have limitations), so I like novels to stretch and
explore that greater space.

But I’m fine with a good scifi movie that has a compelling story,
engaging characters, and ray guns. (well, in this case, highly evolved
uber-six shooters, but still). You takes what you can get…some
movies (Blade Runner and Minority Report come to mind off the top of
my head) can bring the environment to life better than Serenity did,
but I can live with that. The story was great fun. (and note…the
environmental immersion wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t quite the quality
of Blade Runner. Serenity was trying for something different, and
succeeded, IMO.) I’m crossing my fingers and toes for it to do well
enough to birth a sequel. If you like science fiction, give it a shot.
And if you haven’t already, watch the series DVDs!

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