CNN: Senators compromise on filibusters

I applaud the spirit of compromise here. That is after all, like
it or not, what it’s all about. Neither side tends to get 100% of what
they want all of the time. Not the Republicans, not the
Democrats…and certainly not my Libertarians! (we have a couple of
dogcatcher posts, though, and are doing a great job! Watch out!)

Let’s remember this compromse if we can, and try not to demonize
people we don’t agree with as long as they’re not actively trying to
harm you. We disagree. Like it or not, not everyone thinks the way you
do…and part of the marvel of our society is that you can get along
day-to-day with these people without poking them with a stick.

David Brin puts it well: And yet, it also seems to me that we’d all be a lot happier, and better off, and more capable of dealing with criticism if each of us were to remember, now and then, to say the following phrase:
I am a member of a civilization.


I have friends that I agree with on lots of things, and friends I
agree with on some things…and friends that I like, but seldom agree
with on much to do with politics, religion, and such. Them’s the
breaks. As long as they’re still nice people overall, it’s OK.

While driving home today, I was flipping back and forth between Sean
Hannity on WSB (Atlanta AM 750) and Randi Rhodes on Air America
(Atlanta AM 1690). I’ll be honest…I like some of the talent on each
of those stations, but I don’t like either of these people. They’re
TOO far out there…and they’re indicative of the problem. It was
amazing, and somewhat distasteful, to listen to.

So thanks again, centrist Senators. Thanks for reminding us of how the
process can work. (I admit, I forget too…libertarian fantasies
sometimes get in the way of reality.) Now…can all you guys get back
to doing something meaningful? *grin*

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