Dang. The Python developers at MEMS Exchange rock! Quixote, their web development framework, is excellent; now they add on Durus, a persistent object system, similar in spirit to the standalone ZODB, but streamlined for ease of use outside of Zope. (ZODB can be used w/o Zope, but Durus appears to be a little more straightforward. In ZODB’s defence, it’s PRETTY straightforward…and completely transparent when used through Zope. [it’s the Zope backend]).

Also…I haven’t actually installed Durus yet…but the Quixote guys make good stuff. I have high hopes. Again…thanks!! This solves one of my last remaining “issues” (multi-client connection) with moving large amounts of “stuff” to Quixote and/or ZODB (now Durus). Joy.

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