LOL…still learning in with my ripping tools. The first couple of successful rips were two stage; I first ripped the VOB files (media streams) from the DVD with transcode, and then later on used these for encoding DivX using mencoder.

Well, somehow, early on, I managed to either rip or encode (not sure which, really) with the French aucio track! So yesterday, we were at the mall, and I’d brought my iPAQ to watch the second half of XFiles #1. And there I am, feeling all cool…until Scully says “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” (close enough, anyway…my French is tres rusty.)

I keep going, thinking my ears deceived me…but nope. It’s French dubbing. Wacky! Came home and reripped…all is well. But it was pretty funny.

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