I still hate the moronic DRM crap in Pressplay (now Napster 2.0), iTunes, and all the other music download sites. They make me HIGHLY cranky. I have a cheap, no WMA MP3-only player…I need MP3s. And guess what…I can get them…by BURNING A CD AND RERIPPING. I had high hopes for iTunes; I hoped to be able to burn directly to MP3s on a CDRW. That wouldn’t have been TOO bad. But didn’t work last night. So I (guess, go ahead)…BURNT A CD AND RERIPPED.

And for one song, no less. Perhaps they have stock in the CDR companies. *grin* Did I mention that for all their posturing about security, that I can still get MP3s by BURNING A CD AND RERIPPING BACK TO MP3? Why make me jump through hoops?!?! *sigh*

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