This entry is directly from Blogtk. Let’s see how it flies…wow. That worked! (Heh…I feel like Dave Winer here, with a running dialog as I work along).

Kimbro Staken’s post WRT OOP is interesting, though I agree with one of the commenters; the referenced article IS a prank, isn’t it? Please tell me it is. But more importantly, Kimbro’s example xpath python code using libxml2 got me to check and see if it has been deb’d yet…yup. Cool!

OK…BloGTK officially rocks. I was thinking of writing something similar…I now need to find another project. I’m installing this at work tomorrow. I had some problems connecting at first, but a quick debugging session (BloGTK is pyGTK-based, so I could see the code easily enough) showed me that my Zope weblog toolkit had an capitalization error in it’s handling of the Blogger/Metaweblog API (‘blogname’ instead of ‘blogName’; raised a KeyError). Fixed that, restarted Zope, and no worries since. Excellent!!!!

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