Well folks, here we go. It’s just a little bit before polls start closing, on one of the most important election nights I can think of. A few hours ago, I realized that I, while certainly being concerned about this election (and the last one) have been *pretty* quiet about things this cycle. It’s just been too toxic, and I stuck my head in the sand.

I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight, but I am planning on being much more active on issues that concern me (health care, education, immigration, the 2nd amendment just for starters) over the next two years. Because I’m not fooling myself…I certainly hope the Democrats at least take back the House tonight, to become a check on our Executive Branch, but even if they do, the battle for 2020 starts tomorrow. I expect 2020 to be possibly the most contentious Presidential election year in my lifetime, and I want to be an informed and engaged (both online and offline) citizen.

So let’s rock and roll!!

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