Happy Monday! Today’s episode is a bit more of a diary style; no game review today. Charlotte and I did discuss and work on our list of games to review, however…there are some good ones! I also talk about some news on the Dragon Con costuming front, and share my thoughts regarding Dave Slusher’s most recent EGC episode.


Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 3 2018

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2 thoughts on “KAZ: Episode 197

  1. FYI – just got the UPS notification that my plexiglass platen has been shipped. I’m going to go to the hardware store and buy all the other pieces today. I’m going to make a shot at getting most or all of it put together by the tie the platen gets here.

    The tools are all Windows in the original setup. Rather than fight that, I’m going to coopt my daughters machine to do that work and see how that goes. If that is too burdensome then I will fight the fight to get OS X versions (or Raspberry Pi!) versions of it all.

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