I think we might have found a schedule! Wednesdays sound good, so let’s unpack our navel-gazing over why it’s such a good idea. *grin* After that, let’s once again give the “Mad at Dad” podcast props, because the first episode was super enjoyable. I expect to listen to the next episode tomorrow on the way home, and I can’t wait. I also discuss my trials and tribulations with my Moto E, and how close I came to just throwing in the towel and buying a (shiny!) Nexus 5X. Then I found out from the Ting phone support guy that I could flip the “Cellular Data” toggle and get cellular data again…DOH!

Finally, I mention our upcoming weekend trip to Durham for Duke’s “Countdown to Craziness” basketball event, that both Charlotte and I are really looking forward to. I’m sure we’ll have fun stories to recount next week!

Episode Links:

Mad at Dad podcast
Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen
PEBKAC (ie, ‘Did you check to see that cell data is on?’)
Countdown to Craziness

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