Driving down to Atlanta for work today, and I discuss some games that I’m planning on bringing to DragonCon, and also a few comic series that I’m looking to pick up. DDOP has tickled my comic book fancy!

Episode Links:

Board game: Illuminati (Deluxe edition)
Board game: Arctic Scavengers (Base game +HQ +Recon)
Comic: Judge Dredd
Comic: Rune

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5 thoughts on “KAZ: Episode 106

  1. Eh…I’ll poke around, but I’m using plugins to push these posts from my site to G+; I’ll see if things can be tweaked within the plugin. I know that links are frequently stripped out of these sort of automated posts, but obviously some are making it through, so maybe there’s a possibility of fixing it. Your other option is to click through to kenzoid.com and get the links there.

  2. Oh, it’s no problem to get through with the last link or the download link. I just thought you’d wanna clean up the multi-line waste of no-linkage that appears in each post before the working links.

  3. Yeah, understood. I may dig into the plugins at some point to figure out why some are being stripped out, yet others are making it all the way through. 

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