Driving down to Atlanta for work today, and I discuss some games that I’m planning on bringing to DragonCon, and also a few comic series that I’m looking to pick up. DDOP has tickled my comic book fancy!

Episode Links:

Board game: Illuminati (Deluxe edition)
Board game: Arctic Scavengers (Base game +HQ +Recon)
Comic: Judge Dredd
Comic: Rune

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5 thoughts on “KAZ: Episode 106

  1. Eh…I’ll poke around, but I’m using plugins to push these posts from my site to G+; I’ll see if things can be tweaked within the plugin. I know that links are frequently stripped out of these sort of automated posts, but obviously some are making it through, so maybe there’s a possibility of fixing it. Your other option is to click through to kenzoid.com and get the links there.

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