This episode, I have several topics to discuss. I enjoyed Paul Fidalgo’s Twitter followup to my Nexus 5 review, and I’ve decided to do a fairly thorough camera comparison between it and the iPhone 5C during Dragon Con this coming weekend.

Speaking of Dragon Con, we’re really looking forward to it, and I grabbed an Android app today that will help my Fallout costume. Very cool! Next, I discussed my decision to use Paul Fidalgo’s music as the intro to this podcast (probably sometime after the DDoP). Finally, I mentioned the soon-to-be-released videogame Destiny, and how interested I am in it. Probably my first full-price videogame purchase in several years.

Note: I wrapped up quickly because I started the podcast alone in the house, and folks started coming in right before I completed. Hopefully my volume didn’t change too much; I did feel like I got a bit quieter as I tried to rush through the ending. No biggie, but that’s what was going on.

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Dragon Con
Destiny trailer

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