It’s been just over a month now since Bianca the rat, one of the sweetest and bravest animals I’ve ever known, passed away. (It was August 16th, to be precise). I haven’t yet written anything about it, unlike when Thomas passed; not because it wasn’t important, but because I was processing. The span of Bianca’s life enveloped a tumultuous time in my own, and I have spent time thinking about that. And about her. And about Rooh, her sister, who actually passed away last November. I didn’t write then either; I was in an even darker place. But Rooh…oh, what a pure and happy soul. A true gift, both of them. I was grateful for every moment of time I got to spend with them.

Animals have a sense of pureness to them that you seldom see in a human; our lives and actions tend towards complexity, staining our metaphorical souls with metaphorical muck. We’re not intrinsically evil, mind you, just impure. Animals seem to avoid that; even though they can have a huge personality and feel like a person in your life, they don’t accumulate the drama, self-rationalizations, and pain that can come from being a human. They follow their nature, and when you are lucky (as I have been more than once), you end up with a little friend and life companion that loves you, no matter what. They don’t manipulate; they don’t judge. They’re just there, offering up unconditional love and support.

*shake* OK, I’ll try to avoid the rathole of Ken’s Pop Psychology 101. *grin* Death tends to make me maudlin.

I miss them both more than I can say. It’s bizarre to think that you could love a rat (and hairless ones to boot!) as much as I did those two dear creatures. But things happen.

Farewell, Rooh and Bianca (left to right below). I love you both.

Aren't rats cute?

2 thoughts on “Farewell, Bianca and Rooh…

  1. I thought I’d catch up on what I’ve missed before SOPA takes over the world.  I don’t think I saw this one before. Thanks for sharing Rooh and Bianca with us, especially the pic. What sweet little girls.  

    What you say about animals being more pure than people is right.

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