So, I find about about Songbird’s improved two-way sync the day after I get my Google Music invite! Funny that. The Songbird improvements read as pretty impressive. I’m looking for exactly what they describe; the ability to piece together my scattered music library (work, desktop, laptop, phones) into one place, and (perhaps even more importantly) eliminate the “now you have two of every song!” oopsie that seems to show up when I try syncing tools. (News flash; I don’t want two of every song).

Google Music looks good too, though…especially the feature that allows you to create playlists via the web app and push them to the device. I may keep it just for that (unless Songbird also manages to do that!)

Anyway…interesting that I went from zero to two promising options in less than 24 hours. Let’s see how that goes! (I tried [Miro 4] last week; no joy there. The sync looks pretty brain-dead. Likewise the Amazon Music App for Android.)

One thought on “Song syncing irony…

  1. Thanks for this post …. I have already read the page 4 times. It seems to me there isalways something new …

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