So, I came home last night to a shipping box on the porch. I was confused; I didn’t remember anything that should be arriving. Even after I opened the box, I had no idea…there was another box inside, with a hamster with a rocket-propelled wheel on the front. Still no clue!

Once I pulled that box out, however…I noticed that there was a lithium-ion battery warning on the back. Simultaneously, I noticed some stickers and help info in the bottom of the outer box, and I finally realized: I was holding a Cr48 Chrome OS laptop!

Like most of the other geeks around, I had filled out an application to join the pilot program for the Cr48 in December. But I never thought I’d actually get one! I’m working on it right now…it’s pretty sweet, and I’m looking forward to exploring it’s nooks and crannies. The Web Store is pretty nifty, and I’m very excited to try out some Chrome extension development!

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