Obama’s no prosecution vow meets resistance

To say I’m disappointed in this decision is an understatement.

This is a time for reflection, not retribution, President Obama said. No, this is a time for accountability, not for ducking the issue by wrapping oneself in the flag. If we are not a nation of laws, then that flag doesn’t matter much anyway. *sigh*

As usual, the ACLU is doing outstanding work here. They have been one of the organizations working to get the legal memos released that the Bush administration used to justify torture. In appreciation of all their efforts, and on the advice of an old friend that it’s best to respond constructively to situations like this, I’ve made an additional donation to the ACLU today. A birthday present to myself, and a gift intended to support the freedoms of all of us.

I also encourage you to join me in demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor; watch this short video and join me in demanding accountability.

Let’s stand for the rule of law, not of men. Let’s stand for the idea that torture is wrong, period.

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