I was checking out Bandcamp a couple of days back, after learning of it from a recent boingboing post. Looks like a pretty nice website for bands to use to promote their music…nice layout, easy sharing, CC-friendly, flexible payment options, ample metrics, etc. So I checked for one of my favorite new-media friendly artists, Paul Fidalgo…he didn’t have a site yet! Ack…had to fix that. I shot Paul an email (we’ve become online buds over the past year or so), and he checked it out.  He seems to have liked it enough to have put one of his songs up there…it’s a free download, and easy to stream to see if you think it’s worthwhile. I’d say check it out!

There’s plenty more good music where that came from (Paul’s got that Jonathan Coulton geek vibe going on with at least some tunes), and you can pick up a lot more of his stuff at his Amie Street site, as well as iTunes, etc. (Paul definitely groks the new music ‘paradigm’).

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