I’m with my buddy Dave Slusher on this one…Twitter has bought Values of n, primarily to get Rael Dornfest it seems. I say that because, with him in pocket, they decide there’s no need to keep the enormously cool and useful Values of n site I Want Sandy running. So it’s being shut down in two weeks. Dave’s not happy; neither am I.

That’s enough. Bite me, Twitter. I started pushing updates through to you again when Friendfeed made it easy, primarily because I get googlejuice for kenzoid from my twitterURL, but also just to be a good netizen. But it’s not worth it to me anymore; shutting down I Want Sandy just because you don’t care about it is the last straw. I’m part of your network effect, but I’m not going to participate anymore. My tweet linking to this post is my final shot.

You may not miss me, of course…but I’m ferdamnsure not going to miss you. I’ll feel better knowing I’m not enabling you. Later, tweets…it’ll be nice when you all get a clue and move on; to FriendFeed, to identi.ca, or wherever. If you do, look me up!

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