Voting went well today. I got up early to try and be in line when the site opened, but I actually ended up running a little late, and got there about 7:15am. It was pretty impressive; there was quite a line:

Voting line

This is FAR longer than any line I’ve been in since I’ve been voting at this polling place (that’s only about half of the line outside the building; it continues around to the left out of sight). Outstanding!! Regardless of your choice/party affiliation, at least people are engaging.

It was about 2 hours, 10 minutes total for me from the time I got into the back of the line until I was finished and out the door of the polling place. There were no major problems at our site; we had about 10 voting stations, and they all appeared to be in working order. Once things got up and running after opening, the line seemed to move pretty smoothly. I saw at least one person that was required to vote provisionally; I think it was an ID issue (no drama, however…he just filled out the paperwork).

All in all, I’m glad I got things taken care of first thing this morning; I expect the lines this evening might be pretty intense. I’ll go home, go for a run, make some popcorn, watch some movies (including You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown *grin*), and tune into CNN later in the evening for the wild conclusion. Looking forward to it!

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