Unless I break down and relent, I think I’m going to pass on the VP debate tonight. There’s just no upside for me…it’s not going to change my vote, and I expect it to be both frustrating and awkward. As has been noted elsewhere, the VP debates tend to be more about a proxy attack against the opposing Presidential candidate, and I’ve had my fill of the negative campaigning (by both parties) for now. In addition, Gov. Palin has set the bar so low at this point that she may very well come out of this doing much better than expected, and with a Republican bump in the polls. I simply don’t think I can bear to watch it live. Besides, it’s not like it won’t be readily available later for me to catch up on. Vive la Internet!

On the bright side, I’ve seen a couple episodes of Fringe now, and it’s not too bad. Overly graphic, but that’s TV nowadays, it seems. Hulu certainly makes it easy to keep it on in the background. Nice!

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