It’s been quiet this month on the blog, though I have done some work on the layout. I’m fairly active (in the comments and quick snippets sense) over on FriendFeed, but never fear, I’m not abandoning things here by any means. It’s just almost time for Dragon*Con, and a lot of prep work for that happens around our place in August. Plus, hell…my cat died, and I’m STILL not over that. I completely lost it getting ready for bed just this past Monday. *sigh*

So I’m here, and I’ve got posts queued up. I might have some time tonight and tomorrow as last-minute D*C tasks finish; we’ll have to see. Otherwise, expect many photos and some stories next week!! *grin* I’ll hopefully be seeing some online buddies like Dave Slusher and Derek and Swoopy from the Skepticality podcast at the con, and a good time WILL be had by all.

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