Light post today…I’m doing some Saturday stuff for work, so my SCOTUS post can wait until tomorrow. *grin* I did want to note, however, that a) my Disqus comments are live, fire away folks! *grin*, and b) leaf/lawnblowers make podcast listening impossible!

Let me explain. Podcast listening is something that happen in many environments…you can listen at a PC, pump it to the stereo, with an MP3 player, etc. People listen while working, at the gym, in the car, or wherever. Much like radio, it doesn’t require full attention, unlike video podcasts or TV. I personally tend not to listen to podcasts while working…I’m too easily distracted. I usually listen to music while coding or working (watch me code on!). I listen to podcasts in the car, on mass transit, out doing errands, and running. I like the fact it’s such a flexible medium, though!

Anyway…so I listen to a LOT of podcasts while running. I’m no marathoner, but I do 15-20 miles a week when there’s nothing stopping me, and I’ve been doing it for 20 years. So since the beginning of podcasting, I’ve LOVED listening to podcasts while I run. In fact, I had started about a year before; in 2003, I started recording BBC news streams to listen to on a 64 meg CF card player. Ah, those were the days. *grin*. But now, it’s podcasts…lots of podcasts.

And podcasts vs. lawnblowers don’t fare NEARLY as well as music vs. lawnblowers. Not like this is a new phenomenon, but I’ve for some reason noticed it a lot more lately. I get a lot of lawn care types out near the park that I run at and the neighborhood nearby where I live. Music? Music survives 10-15 seconds of absolute overwhelming blower noise. After all, they’re probably songs that I love and know completely by heart anyway. But a podcast, especially a technical one, or a presentation? Blam. Conversational thread lost. So lawnblowers suck. *grin*

So that is my rant for today. More fun tomorrow!

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