So with all the FISA fun and such going on, I’d normally be making more posts. But home has been hectic, and my neck is still sore from my basal carcinoma removal (not sleeping well)…but mainly, I spend my energy right now worrying about our cat Thomas. He’s almost 16, and dealing with either hepatitis or the onset of liver cancer. The past several weeks have been vet visits, exams, tests, and such. We decided last week NOT to biopsy his liver; it requires general anesthesia (which is a risk), and we’re not going to put him through chemo even if we did determine that is cancer. So he’s on another medication that will treat both hepatitis or cancer (though for cancer, it’s not as effective as chemo), and we’re dealing with all that.

He’s just about the friendliest and most people-loving cat I’ve ever met (even non-cat people like him; they say he acts more like a dog), and it breaks my heart to see him all shaved from tests, losing weight, and generally tired. He’s been acting more aloof the past few days as well, which has really worried us…it’s just not his nature. Today has seemed better, though. I just want him to feel secure and loved, and know that he’s cared for. I want him to live another 10 years, of course…but I’m not going to let him suffer. He’s been too good a friend.

We’ve been together about 14 years, and he’s been a faithful and loving pet through some of my darkest days. I hope he makes it through this. Here’s to you, Thomas!!

A new bed

UPDATE: Thomas passed away on August 3rd. He was a great cat, and will be missed. I love you, Thomas. Rest in peace.

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