So, after my recent rant about FriendFeed suckage, why am I now giving you my FriendFeed url? Eh…experimentation, mostly. Plus, Twitter is pretty broken right now, and it’s my primary off-the-cuff commenting tool. Since it’s not working well, I figured I’d give FriendFeed a quick run across the dance floor in the meantime.

I’ve still got some reservations about FriendFeed, but it’s API seems open and robust enough (unlike, say, Facebook’s) that I can have some fun and learn something with it. We’ll see…I’ve already learned quite a bit playing around with the Planet Ken stuff. I see the value of the social networking components…I just feel a lot of tension when it comes to the control and data portability issues.

Speaking of social networking and it’s consequences; I also just finished a great G’Day World podcast today from back in March, where Cameron re-interviews Jamais Cascio. Their primary topic of conversation is a fascinating bit of work Jamais did for SXSW this year, for a panel called Futurists’ Sandbox: Scenarios for Social Media, 2025.. His concept of The Chorus is quite mind-boggling, yet arguably quite a straightforward extrapolation. Definitely give the G’Day World podcast a listen.

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