So…I haven’t jumped on the latest geek bandwagon yet, friendfeed. Well…to be honest, I did go ahead and grab my namespace, but no subscriptions yet. And that’s because I resist the model. I like aggregation…but I don’t like delegating that unconditionally to an external service. I want to have control of my data, and control of my URIs, when possible. I learned this the hard way with earlier services, so I’ve been trying to determine the best way forward.

So the heck with it; I’m creating my own uber-feed. Planet Ken! I’m using the Planet framework; instead of aggregating a bunch of users of a project (Python, Debian, etc.), I’m instead aggregating my own feeds…my blog, twitterstream, flickrstream, etc. And then I’ll import that into friendfeed, to close the loop. But if they fold…I’m still around. Yeah, baby!

Don’t get me wrong…I may have a control issue here *grin*, and I realize there are things that friendfeed can do that my Planet can’t. (reputation, commenting, etc.) But that’s simply where we are today; I think those things also can potentially be distributed. I think that’s a good idea. But I can’t work on that without having a decoupled feed to start with, so it’s worthwhile.

Both Atom and RSS2.0 are of course available, as well as the straight-up page. I have no idea how this experiment will go, so please drop me a line if you have any comments. Thanks!

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