Sweet mother of bagladies! Andy Baio at waxy.org has dumped a huge background post and online link to early builds of Milliways, the sequel to Infocom’s amazing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game. H2G2 (as fans know it) was perhaps my favorite of the many Infocom games my high school roommate and I played….to excess. We played H2G2 until our eyes bled. We played H2G2 some weekends where we didn’t leave our room. Literally. Our RA was pissed…until we showed him the friggin’ babelfish puzzle.

Why, oh why was this not finished!!! ARRRRRGGHHH…

Thanks to BoingBoing for the link!

UPDATE: Ah, yummy drama in the comments at waxy. Long, long thread…love it!

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