So I saw the announcement about Nine Inch Nail’s new album Ghosts sweep across the Twittersphere this morning. Checked it out…how can I NOT buy it straight from Trent Reznor himself for five bucks?? As 320kbps MP3s, no less (or FLAC for that matter, if I want to be completely audiophile nutty). Trent is true to his word…he said last year that he was looking forward to taking back his music and having a direct relationship with his fans. Outstanding!

Of course, NiN learned about the slashdot effect today. I didn’t bother immediately downloading the songs, and by the time I got home tonight, the servers were crushed; the site is temporarily down while the web monkeys slap on some more go-juice (maybe wiring into Amazon Web Services or something). But never fear; Trent’s already got my fiver, and I have my download link for later. Heck, I’ll just get it off of Bittorrent if I get antsy…it’s not like I haven’t already paid. I hope NiN makes a zillion bucks off this, and Trent sticks his thumb in the eye of every music exec that lets him get close enough to do it. Vive la Internet! Long live the tubes. Hopefully this will put another nail in the classic music industry coffin.

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