Glenn Greenwald, among others, is keeping close track of Harry Reid’s kowtow to the security bogeyman by backing retroactive FISA immunity. Many people (including myself) are honestly wondering if someone’s got Pictures Of Something They Shouldn’t…Reid is so dead-set on pushing this through for Bush that he’s making Senator Dodd and the others who want to filibuster literally do so…no virtual holds allowed. I have no real problem with that; it’s a long, celebrated senatorial tradition. But Reid is letting Republican lawmakers place virtual holds on Democratic sponsored legislation! I guess fair dealing is what Reid wants to be known for…but sheesh! *grin*

And Senator Reid certainly has a right to be concerned…not only is the short-term fix from the summer about to expire (and for noodley pasta’s sake, we don’t want to be seen as soft on terrorism), but everyone who’s anyone is ALREADY at Davos, and the plane is waiting!! How unfair to keep Senators with invites from the beautiful people!!

*sigh* Some days, I’m convinced the game is already over. I just want to stop the ride and get off.

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