Pixel Qi: About usI believe that looking at computers in a new, holistic, systemic way, with a clean-sheet approach to computer design – rather than incrementally increasing the horsepower of the CPU – is critical to bringing computing and Internet access to more than the 1 billion affluent who now are its beneficiaries. The key is a new generation of low-cost, low power, durable, networked computers, leveraging open-design principles.. Mary Lou Jepsen invented the OLPC XO’s amazing LED display, so she’s not just talking smack…she’s a technical genius (former CTO of Intel’s Display Division, among other things), and obviously a brilliant visionary. Pixel Qi is talking $75 laptop now, and rethinking the entire platform…and talking about commerical sales. This is critical; it allows sales to support them and the humanitarian efforts of the OLPC, by reducing costs and bringing in revenue. A person and a company to watch.

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