Well, Chris Dodd started his filibuster of the FISA bill including telecom immunity this morning; the first true filibuster in 15 years, apparently. Good show, Senator Dodd! And I had promised myself that I would contribute to your presidential campaign if you had to step up for this…so I just did! As I said on your website when contributing, thanks for standing up for transparency and the rule of law. (Note: CSPAN2 has the live feed of the filibuster…I love this stuff! First motion for cloture at noon…if this one fails, then it gets really fun. *grin*)

UPDATE: Doh! I really don’t know the Senate rules very well. Looks like the filibuster won’t start (if necessary) until later today. *shrug* Oh well…Dodd’s still on board, and his comments this morning were inspiring.

UPDATE 2: Sonofabitch. Reid postponed it until January. It’s certainly not over, but you’ve gotta call that one a (at least tactical) victory. I listened to several hours of the debate today off and on (go CSPAN), and it was well worth it. I listened to Senators Sessions (R-AL) and Hatch (R-UT) go all out with their reasoning for granting telecom immunity. I honestly gave them a chance…and was less than impressed. Conversely, Senators Feingold (D-WI) and Dodd (D-CN) both really wowed me. I’d love to have either one as a senator. ( And no, I haven’t just became a bleeding heart Democrat. I don’t agree with everything either Feingold or Dodd say, and yes, there are Republicans whom I respect. But not many, and especially not on this issue.)

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