I was sharing some links and camaraderie with my friends tonight, and it wasn’t on Facebook, or MySpace, or even Twi…ok, there was a little Twitter goin’ on. *grin*. But mainly…it’s mailing lists! Mostly created by me, using the awesome and easy to use GNU Mailman tool; you get easy web-based admin, online archives, etc. for free. I LOVE mailing lists…I have them for groups of friends I hang out with on weekends, groups I play games with, groups I chat with. I dunno…I guess that’s not normal anymore, but I find mailing lists to be pretty nice for managing social activity. *shrug* I guess I’m old now. *grin*

PS: Chumby update coming. Short of it…it is awesome. But I’m showing it to some less bleeding edge friends over the next few days, to get a more mainstream opinion, before I post longer. I think it’s a mainstream winner as well, though.

PPS: And yes, I’m goofy enough to have a subdomain for my lists.

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