Steve Borsch has a great post up on the wiretapping issue, and a link to an advocacy site that I wasn’t aware of: StopTheSpying. Check it out, and make some calls! Thanks for the link, Steve/

Posting this made me realize that I haven’t done all that much long-form political posting recently; I’ve thrown up some links, but with relatively little commentary. Don’t know why, really…there’s plenty of it in my head. I’m notoriously bad at multitasking, and I have been trying to spread myself a little thin recently…exocortex, machine rebuild (which includes dev env rebuild), couple new personal projects, etc. But this is another important issue…even beyond the Iraq War, I see the wiretapping situation and the Guantanamo detainments as probably the two clearest indicators to me of whether or not I can vote for someone. (Iraq gets messy because of the whole we’re there, we can’t pull out now excuse. Actually, we can…but I’ll certainly agree that it’s messy. Now. Now that WE CREATED THE MESS. *sigh*…)

Guantanamo and the wiretapping problem are pretty straightforward IMO, however. Torture…is wrong. Period. Stripping people of habeas corpus is…wrong. Period. And asking for retroactive immunity…is pretty much ADMITTING that what you did was wrong, isn’t it? This isn’t complicated. If they broke the law, it’s because they thought they could get away with it…same as every other criminal out there. If they don’t, they get punished…you don’t retroactively just change the rules. For them. Retroactive immunity, habeas corpus abolishment, secret warrants, gag rules, torture….these are not the actions of a government based on the rule of law. I’ll always oppose those who condone this behavior; I’ve opposed this from the day after 9/11, and I will tomorrow, next year, and as long as I’m around.

If you want to help, join the EFF, and/or the ACLU, both of which I’m proud to be a member of. And don’t hesitate to speak out…and please, don’t forget to vote!

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