I don’t mind when people aren’t perfect; I don’t expect them to be. In fact, I LIKE people who are wrong sometimes (and will admit it)…it indicates a modicum of reflection, self-awareness, and willingness to consider new things. And when you frequently stand out on a limb and make bold assertions; well, you sometimes make mistakes. But it’s even more heartening to see those type of folks stand up and admit it. So congrats to FactCheck.org!

A recent FactCheck.org post on the Oct. 30th Democratic presidential debate included analysis of Hillary Clinton’s statements about the National Archives and her husband’s request about some of his papers. Analysis, it turns out, that was wrong…based on erroneous data. And FactCheck fixed it, right on the same page as the original report, which means people can TELL they were wrong. Sonofagun! Again, congrats, FactCheck!

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