WELL worth reading: When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide

A great rant. I’d only heard of Oink in the most off-hand of ways…but I’m not surprised such a service existed, and I’m not surprised how it was portrayed when the hammer came down. I really think his call to action is a great idea: I’ve been avoiding the purchase of RIAA music for a couple of years now (thanks to my man Dave Slusher for the inspiration) but I did slip recently (bought the new NIN album, Year Zero…Trent is free now, after this record’s release, but I was weak.) As demonbaby and Dave both mention, RIAA Radar is a wonderful resource for determining the status of an album…I’m going to be poking my recent Amie Street purchases in there (so far, so good, it looks like! Unsurprising, but I’m still glad.)

Here’s to watching the tar pit struggles of the dying brontosaurs continue. See ya, labels! I look forward to dancing on your grave. (Metaphorically speaking, of course! *grin*)

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