I finally got around to signing up for BookMooch earlier this week, and I just sent out my first books today! BookMooch is a site to match up book lovers…like many bibliophiles, I have a great deal of trouble in throwing away books, or even giving them away in a situation where I feel like they may end up in thre trash (at book fairs and such). BookMooch lets you put up an inventory of books you’re willing to give away, and gives you points for both putting up books (0.1 each), and for giving them away (1 pt each). You can then use those points to mooch books yourself! Pretty clever idea, really, and from the same guy (John Buckman) who runs Magnatune Records (another site I’m very fond of). He’s quite the creative dude.

So thanks to John for BookMooch, and I hope the folks who have books on the way enjoy them!

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