Factcheck.org has come a long way on the Net since they started their famous website during the runup to the 2004 elections (they’ve actually been around since ’94, but 2003 was really when they started getting traction). It’s one of the best sites there is, in my opinion, for separating fact from fiction on all sides of the political arena. And their latest release, Audacious Ethanol Hopes?, is a great one: The leading three Democratic presidential candidates wax optimistic about ethanol. We provide a reality check.

Don’t get me wrong; neither I nor (AFAICT) FactCheck think working on alternative energy solutions is a bad idea. But it’s always unfortunate when politicians of any stripe shade their comments, avoid the hard questions, and sometimes flat out lie. Thank goodness for folks like FactCheck!

PS: they have both a email list and a RSS feed (this I just discovered…woot!). I heartily recommend picking one.

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