Maglev is dead — Great post by the Yorkshire Ranter (I just love the name), and he nails home an important truth to boot. Read this part, and laugh out loud like I did: John Waclawsky said that there are two kinds of technology, the kind that provides a direct benefit to the end user, and the kind that’s designed by people who think they can see the future. These, he said, are also known as success and failure..

Outstanding. And a much better explanation that what I normally say; something along the lines of they like it because it’s shiny. But the same meaning underneath. I like new tech as much as anyone (and way more than most), but I’m not a fan of Architecture Astronautics, or complicated for the sake of…well, being complicated. It also explains why tech I don’t like sometimes ends up in the successful pile…sometimes that crap IS actually useful! *grin*

And the maglev point is dead on; it’s totally shiny. Good show, Yorkshire Ranter!

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