Sorry for lack of posts, podcasts, etc….getting back into the swing of things after vacation and such has been a little tough. Plus, I have been working on backend code stuff, and I end up tired and unwilling to spend the time at the end of the night to work up a good post. That being said, I have noticed that having a unpublished flag for entries would help give me time to edit, prep, etc. Yes, that’s right…I don’t even have a non-public attribute on these posts. As soon as they’re in the db, they’re available! If I edit after first commit, it’s live in front of Google and everyone!

I’ve been dallying around with hacking a flag onto the posts table, but that felt kinda icky. Then I just finally realized today that Django has an excellent permissions system! Duh. I may poke it with a stick. It might be overkill…we’ll see. If nothing else, it’ll give me some experience with it.

I have also been experimenting with Twitter and tagged posts for lightweight updates of present state (twitter) and notable urls that I don’t have much else to say about ( “toblog” tag). I’m thinking of actually importing that data into a blog post, though, rather than just pointing to it; I’ll check those feeds in the early morning hours, get any new data, and create a blogpost with it via a script. That way, I can save posting for slightly meatier thoughts.

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