Holeee frack.

Any Singularitarian out there knows that brain simulations are a big indicator of major steps towards the Big Discontinuity; once human beings are running on silicon, at 100X bio-speed, something weird and wonderful should result post-haste.

So brain simulations are always interesting, and some IBM researchers have taken a functional model of half a mouse brain (8,000,000 neurons, 6,300 synapses per neuron), and run it on a BlueGene/L supercomputer. 1 second of in-model time took 10 seconds of computer time to crunch…performance, of course, will only improve.

Jamais Cascio has some interesting thoughts on the matter…for example, what happens when a mouse brain can be simulated at FASTER than real-time? 1000X faster? Does something emerge? Fascinating to consider.

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