(OK, bad, I know. I couldn’t resist).

RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) has a great overview of the Copyright Royalty Board’s decision on Internet royalty rates from Friday. Short of it: everyone dies. Big ones (Pandora) crushed. Middle-size (Radio Paradise) double-crushed (why crush someone when you can double crush them, I guess.). Small fry (Live365 streams, etc.): at $500/year minimum, they’ll probably just go away. Crazy.

Mad? Write your Congress-critter. OTOH…this could be a classic RIAA-shoots-self-in-foot-AGAIN, and another boost for Creative Commons-licensed music. (I personally really dig Magnatune, but find what you love!).
It’s sad, but maybe it’s time.

Feh…go write that Congressperson. This is crazy!

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