Found a couple of potentially useful sites today; both look pretty interesting. UseAMap is a free service that provides you with a map that has a short URL, You can create a map, annotate, add directions, etc., then generate a short, easy-to-remember name for the result (based in the namespace). Pretty cool!

Many Eyes is another Yet Another web-based data visualization tool. It’s from IBM (skunkworks of some sort I suppose), and it looks very cool. You can view and discuss visualizations, and upload your own data sets if you register. I really believe that tools like this will fundamentally change how we deal with large amounts of data. As they improve, it will become easier and easier for the average citizen to evaluate the data behind complex political, economic, and scientific debates. (as well as track price trends in the Orgrimmar Auction House…hey, a Tauren’s gotta eat!)

UPDATE: *grumble*…Many Eyes requires a Java plugin…this is teh suck. Google showed the capabilities of Javascript with the Gapminder World beta; no need for a plugin to do this! -1

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