Charlie Stross is GOD. If you like thought-provoking science fiction, just go starting buying his stuff right now. (He’s got links at his site. And while you’re waiting for the Amazon overnight package, you can start Accelerando online!)

I’m presently re-reading Accelerando (for I think the 5th time) on my Nokia 770, my paperback copy of it is out on evangelical loan, I’ve finished The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue since Christmas, and I just started Glasshouse. Whew! Nothing dings less than a 9 out of 10 on the Ken-meter so far.

I’ve read Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise as well, but I’ve worked around his parallel universe series (The Merchant Princes) so far, because fantasy tends to be a lot harder for me to really dig (I think I unconsciously don’t want to break the spell of Charlie-worship). But I’m going to have to go buy The Family Trade and give it a whirl. The man is too good.

Of course, I’ll wait a bit. I’ve got other ass-kicking authors (Ken Macleod and Alastair Reynolds for starters) still left in my Christmas pile. Joy.

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