Well, I’m in the process of actually implementing several additions to the site that have been bouncing around in my head for some time. Most visible already is (a start to) the rework of the the homepage; I’m moving towards using it as an overview of my public info (what I’m reading, watching, posting, podcasting, etc.). The design is still teh suck, but I’m starting to get there idea-wise. Inspiration from Mike Hudack of blip.tv, whom I shamelessly stole the design from. Thanks, Mike!

Behind the scenes, I need lots of new data, obviously. Some is coming from outside sources like blip.tv and del.icio.us, in various formats (primarily JSON, which is cool and fun to play with). It’s nifty to finally start to do some of my own, home-grown web mashups. Some is internal-only, though…like when I read and rate a book, or finish a podcast or a movie. So I’m taking a whack at my own media library schema. It’s pretty simple (primarily Dublin Core resource attributes at this point), but should be sufficient for me.

As a double bonus, this also solves a related problem for me regarding syncing media (podcasts and videos primarily) on and off on storage cards. I need a way to identify that a podcast (for example) has been listened to, so that I know that I delete it from the SD card, and stick something else on. I finally realized the other day that I could use the act of rating a listening event as an indicator that I’ve completed the podcast! And if I use my website’s media library database, I can build the library, post updates, rate files, and improve my media sync tool simultaneously! Joy. It at least sounds plausible…now I just have to finish it up. Details, details…*grin*

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