I’ve been trolling Creative Commons music sites recently looking for music to play in my blog (both as a base track, and as in-cast music). Magnatune always shows up high on any such list…John Buckman has done an absolutely outstanding job with this company. He completely and totally groks the concepts of distributing and promoting music in the 21st century, and has some great stuff. Indeed, I noted that some of the new authors that have been added since the last time I was there looked promising.

While checking out the new stuff, I bumped into a couple of services I hadn’t noticed before (they may not be new…I’m just slow sometimes).

  • Magnatune’s podcasting guidelines kick ass…heck, they’ll give you a free pass to d/l high-quality versions of their music, just to make sure it sounds good!
  • Magnatune has their own music podcasts! Tons of genre-specific stuff; just what I need to fill out the music player, and also to find good stuff for the podcast.

Awesome. Thanks, Magnatune! Expect some podcast lovin’.

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